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Acquisition / Permissions

Acquisition / Permissions

For the implementation of communication networks it is necessary to clarify several legal and bureaucratic steps in advance. We gladly assume your trips to the authorities.

Mobile Network Solution

In the mobile network sector the acquisition is very important - it means the search for appropriate sites.


Fixed Network Solution

In the fixed network sector we support you with the regulatory management as well as the license planning.


Acquisition in the mobile network sector

For more than 25 years we operate in the acquisition of locations and take full responsibility for the marketing of locations. In addition we support you to obtain necessary documents and permits. Our competencies include amongst others:

  • site search / site proposal
  • Verification of property ownership
  • land-use plans and development plans
  • Contracting as well as assistance for procurement procedures and preparation of tenders
  • Obtaining of planning and building permissions as well as monument protection permissions
  • Easements as well as piping rights
  • Landscape management plans
  • Building application process, coordination with building authorities, acceptance and site supervision

Permissions in the fixed network sector

For the extension of broadband we gladly support you with the permission planning and with the regulatory management. Similar to the mobile network sector it contains amongst others the identification of all relevant authorities and decision-maker which are involved in the project. We prepare the necessary forms and obtain the essential permissions (owner identification, obtaining of trass information, obtaining of public planning permissions). Our scope of services includes also the consultation with authorities on-site as well as the clarification of easements. We have strong and experienced co-operation partner for the extension of broadband in rural districts, cities and municipalities.


Your full service provider

Since all the requirements are fulfilled, we will statically calculate and create the radio site in our modern engineering office.

Your contact

We are at your disposal and gladly answer all your questions. We would be happy to adopt your permission plan.