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Conception / Network Planning

Conception / Network Planning

For your desired network we care for the entire planning and conception - whether for mobile network solutions, fixed network solutions or system solutions.

Mobile Radio

Find out more about network planning in the field of mobile radio.


Fixed Network

We support you in planning your fixed network.


Special nets

We know a lot about individ. network require­­ments under special conditions.


Our planning service for mobile network solutions

  • Network planning and supply planning
  • Structural design
  • Planning of antenna technology
  • Planning of operating rooms, safety engineering, fire and lightning protection
  • Implementation planning with design and static

Our planning service for fixed network solutions


Consulting service for public clients:

  • Potential analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Examination of realizability
  • Abrasive network planning
  • Profitability comparison


Project Management:

  • Network planning and project control
  • Documentation
  • Planning of FTTx networks
  • Planning of system technology


Planning of underground works:

  • Design engineering and planning of implementation
  • Cable line planning


Customer-specific fixed network planning





Our planning service for system solutions

Based on your requirements and the existing structures as well as the determining factor we are planning yout data transmission solution - safe and reliable, state of the art in terms of the technology with observance of all applicable laws and regulations. Our data transmission solutions are very professional. Before installing our technique, we check it in our test laboratory. Our experts simulate the customer-specific transmission modes and test all systems circumstantial.

  • Analysis of existing transmission systems
  • Planning from simple to highly complex data transmission solutions
  • Planning of migration from analog to digital data transmission
  • Connection planning of low-data-rate and high-data-rate services and applications
  • Documentation incl. draws, site plans, configuration plans and cable plans
  • Test setup and climate test in the lab, trials for our customers and simulation on-site, planning of powerful communication networks

Your full service provider

In addition to planning services we gladly assume the necessary communication with authorities and the permit management.

Your contact

We are at your disposal and gladly answer all your questions. We would be happy to plan your network, too.