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Installation / Commissioning

Installation / Commissioning

From theory to practice. We are installing and mounting your individually planned telecommunications network - whether the erection of radio networks, the erection of fiber-optic networks or the erection of industrial data transmission networks.

radio solutions

We are erecting mobile radio sites on rooftops, on chimneys, in tube tunnel etc.


fixed network solutions

We are a reliable partner for the mounting of active and passive system technology.


System solutions

We install your individual data network for the industrial data transmission.


Erection of a radio site

Our assembly team erects nationwide telecommunications systems. Sometimes they are at exceptional locations like radio masts, chimneys or skyscraper.

  • Initial measurement of aerial
  • Steel construction work on antennas
  • Installation of cable run for electrical and antenna systems
  • Erection of the antenna technology
  • Installation of system technology
  • Mounting of safety systems like cat ladders, locating pads and railings
  • Commissioning, extension and reconstruction of radio sites and radio networks
  • Further working areas: lightning protection, fire protection, operating room, air conditioning, employment protection

Erection of a fixed network

 We are your contact for the assembly of active and passive system technology. Our scope of service includes:

Assembly, service and fault clearance:

  • Error location / fault clearance of system technology and cable structure in Koax networks
  • Assembly & service of multifunctional enclosures for FTTC networks
  • Assembly & service of engineering rooms and fiber distribution frames in FTTB/H networks
  • Assembly and commissioning of DSL technology (DSLAM)


Cable civil engineering:

  • Realization of ditches and pits for cable and pipe laying in open construction
  • Laying of cable conduit and microtube
  • Erection of Central Offices (CO)
  • Erection of surface fiber distribution frames
  • Erection of buried splitters as muffles and branch lines in pits
  • Manufacture of house connections
  • Surface restoration (asphalt, concrete slabs, road coatings,...)


Laying of cables:

  • Laying of remote signaling equipment
  • Speed-pipe blowing of single fibers and micro cables


Cable assembling:

  • Assembly of copper cables and glass fiber
  • Split glass fiber
  • Initial measurement of OTDR
  • Error location and fault repairs
  • Switching work in the cable network


Initial measurement:

  • Measurement of cable lines
  • Surveying, oversize and documentation of cable lines

Erection of a data communication network

Modern industrial communication requires more and more complex technical solutions. Besides default real-time oriented transmission tasks there is an increasing number of integrated IP based services. Telecommunications technicians and IT specialists work hand in hand for the installation, commissioning and systems integration of our transmission technology.

  • Pre-configuration according to customer requirements
  • Complete installation and commissioning of data transmission solution; on demand we establish the preconditions for mounting / setup (power supply, housing, fixing, overvoltage protection etc.)
  • Integration of data transmission systems in network management systems as well as in superior radio control stations and IT center
  • Line tests and network tests
  • In case of installation and commissioning by customer: support via telephone, remote maintenance or maintenance on-site

Your full service provider

Your telecommunications network is ready - and now? We check & maintain frequently your site and are at your disposal round-the-clock.

Let's tackle it!

We are at your disposal and gladly answer your questions. We would be happy to install and commission your network.