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Technology Swaps

Technology Swaps, Modifications, Extensions


A communication site is not static - it "lives" and envolves. At the beginning the site is selected, planned, erected and operated. Then follows the frequently inspection. And then?

During its life time the telecommunications site is subjected to lots of changes. This can be caused by different reasons. A site has to be extended with the newest technologies. Sometimes another network provider also wants to use the site, so that additional technologies has to accommodate at site. This requires extensive extension designs and statical calculations. The engineering progress brings the continuous modifications or the complete swap of system and antenna technology about. Growing cost pressure forces higher power efficiency and with it modifications at the technology. And with changed radio network plannings antennas must be angled and calibrated.

Even for communication networks and sites count: change is the only constant. And this is where we draw our experience.

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The package is one part. The content the other. We offer you extensive warehouse and service pattern.

From old to new!

We are at your disposal and gladly answer your questions to modification and extension of your communication site.