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Quality Assurance

Video Transmission & Documentation System

MoVIS (Mobile Video Inspection System) is an unidirectional video transmission and documentation system of MUGLER AG. It is an advice for companies, who regularly send experts for acceptance / service purposes (f.i. technical consultation, system integration etc.) to remote locations or who work together with external partners.

MoVIS represents a cloud solution, that companies can use in the internet.

By mean of a special smartphone app technicians are able to communicate remotely and safely via voice and video transmission with an expert in the company. So, for the expert it is not necessary to be personnally at site. Moreover he has the possibility to pass more acceptances / services per day. This safes time, effort and naturally unnecessary costs. Identified faults or similar can be solved directly at site

Datasheet MoVIS

Good reasons to use MoVIS

  • Cost saving and minimization of time efforts
  • More flexibility
  • More effectivity and efficiency
  • Secured transmission via VPN
  • Parallel recording of all relevant data
  • Password protected access to the server
  • Screenshot function
  • Calendar function for appointment management

Smartphone App

The MoVIS-App was developed for Android smartphones from Release 4.2.2.

  • Simple configuration of the App
  • Easy handling
  • Zoom and illumination function
  • Max. data rate under 1 Mbit/s

You can download the MoVIS app free of charge at Google Play. Just click the button below.

Your full service provider!

Trust is a good thing, but control is a better one. Besides MoVIS we offer acceptances "on site". Moreover we are expert for the realization and statistical report of quality audits.

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