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  • Fehler können erst beseitigt werden, wenn man sie kennt. Deshalb ist uns Ihre ehrliche Meinung wichtig.

    [Translate to English:] Wolfgang Gruner - Leiter Vertrieb Fixed & Local Networks

  • Das Feedback der Kunden ist manchmal schmerzhaft, aber immer gut.

    [Translate to English:] Uwe Graich – Leiter Vertrieb Mobile Networks & Services


We want You to feel comfortable around us! In order to continuously improve our services, we depend on criticism, new ideas, suggestions and praise.

Were You satisfied with our service? Did you feel well informed and taken care of? Is there anything we could improve?

Please don't hesitate to alert us. We are grateful for any customer's resonance. Of course we will deal with every feedback and, if You wish, we will let You know our response.

Don't keep You opinion to Yourselfe but start being active about it. We are looking forward to Your feedback.

For specific questions concerning Your project, please get in touch with your contact person.