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We are your competent partner for high-quality, mature and fail-safe transmission systems in an industrial environment. For it we offer you data transmission solutions for your individual conditions and requirements - both fixed-line and radio-based. We are realizing almost unlimited network scenarios. Our entire solutions and products stand for reliabilty, quality, robustness and persistence.

Moreover we offer companies with extensive regional locations or application areas to build up their own geographically limited radio network. The measurement and installation of WLAN is also our line of action.

Modern communication technology offers increasingly new services and applications. In this course the transmission networks and the telecontrol networks become more complicated. The number and the type of sensors and actuators increase like the number of networked sites and their necessary bandwidth for transmissioning of data. Frequently those data have to be transmitted in real time - for alarm sensors with a few kbit/s, for video surveillance considerably more. All of this requires modern technology and mechanism in the transmission networks.

Alarm messages and measurement data have to be captured at their place of origin and have to be transmitted immediately to a center in case of time critical applications. Often for controlling and managing a remote action between a center and the metering points is necessary. High-level tanks, distribution stations, service roads – all these sites which are essential for a modern infrastructure are often located in an outside section. They are also not directly accessible. A data connection via cable would be expensive and uneconomic. To connect data via radiocommunication we offer you a wide range of products for the technologies GSM, GPRS / EDGE, UMTS with HSDPA / HSUPA, LTE, TETRA or microwave. For the data transmission via public radio networks the safety aspect is very important. Our products enable protective mechanism like VPN by dint of L2TP, OpenVPN, IPsec etc..

In the industrial sector we are experts for