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Meanwhile a working security network is very important for events. Not only against criminal acts but also against natural disasters it is necessary to react fast and best possible. The digital radio network was developed to make the communication between authorities and organisations more efficient.

With the TETRA standard this radio network offers a secured and fail-safed operation to guarantee the communication even under difficult conditions.

The serurity aspect is also very important in the digital world. The increasing networking requires more and more protection measures from unauthorized access. All of our products and solutions of the industrial data transmission have numerous safety features like VLAN, MAC-Filtering, SSH, Radius, https or SNMPv3 at their disposal .



Moreover the transmission technology has to work noiseless. We enable reliability with redundand transmission paths, utilization of different media, remote accessibility via (mobile) radio network, alerting in the event of link failures as well as Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). With it we guarantee a permanent data exchange to the control system, between network components and / or to the ERP system.

We offer you security for