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Utilities & Waste Management

Utilities & Waste Management

The connection of remote stations alongside supply lines, of transformer stations with a central station or remote high-level tanks, rough data transmission systems are necessary for a smooth operation. In field offices the data have to be collected via different interfaces, have to be transfered safely over long distances and have to be consigned centrally.

Our transmission solutions come up to all these telecommunication requirements.

We offer you core competencies in

Utility Company:

  • Connection from relay stations and transformation stations to the control center
  • Collection and control of different parameters (power, voltage, air humidity, etc.)


  • Monitoring of remote high-level tanks relating to fluid level, valve position, pump, water quality
  • Monitoring of water pipelines
  • Transmission of water lines at courses of the river to the center
  • Fill level monitoring at dams and barrier lakes; data transmission to the center; automated and controlled draining in case of climax or flood warning

Gas and Heat:

  • Temperature monitoring and quantity measurement for gas pipes and oil pipes
  • Pump control for gas pipes and oil pipes
  • Automatic lock if there is a gauge pressure or a leak and a automatically sending a message
  • Monitoring of distant heating routes

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