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The traffic density on roads and highways will continue to increase. Actually there are accumulations and accidents regularly in agglomerations, rush hours and at road works.

An automatic traffic management system increases the vehicle throughput and inhibits accumulations and accidents. The modern communication technology offers plenty oppotunities for an automated traffic flow management.

Our technology enables transportation companies

  • Monitoring and controlling of traffic lights
  • Monitoring of the traffic flow and vehicle density
  • Monitoring of neuralgic routes per video
  • Traffic report to traffic control centre; traffic flow control by use of detour recommendation
  • Monitoring of precipitation and temperature; automatic warning message in case of slickness, fog, etc.
  • Track & Find / Track & Trace for fleet control
  • Monitoring of waterways (passage area, gates, lifting gears, etc.)

With electromobility and the research relating to autonomous driving we make the next steps to a more efficient and environmental mobility. Our range of activity contains the setup of an efficient and integrated communication network as a part of an intelligent traffic infrastructure. Thereby we analyze the use of information and communication technologies in the field of networked mobility (Car-to-Infrastructure based on standard ITS G5 as well as mobile networks like LTE and 5G). The objective of our efforts is a contribution to increase the road safety and to optimize the controlling of the traffic flow by dint of networked and automated driving.

We offer you core competencies in