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Our Mobile Network Solutions


We are planning and erecting up-to-date mobile radio sites and complete communication networks for leading mobile network operators as well as system equipment manufacturers. We can draw on many years of experience of more than 25,000 mobile radio sites. On request with turnkey services. And this exactly means "From the idea to the complete network" for us!

Our services:

  • Network planning
  • Acquisition of suitable radio sites
  • Planning, constructive design and structural engineering for buildings and supporting structures
  • Planning, erection, and commisioning of antenna equipment
  • Planning of service rooms, safety equipment, fire and lightning protection
  • Installation and commissioning of system equipment
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Services

Our services:

  • LOS-Test (line of sight)
  • Microwave planning
  • Support with the application for frequencies
  • System configuration
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Commissioning

The dissemination of terrestrial DVB signals offers manifold new opportunities and possible applications for local providers. Regional contents, such as event information, commercial spots, information to local building measures, tourists, weather and traffic information can be broadcasted in a local bouquet and received by the users in a mobile way. We atend you into the digital world – reliably, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Our services:

  • Network Concepts
  • Network Construction
  • Network Operation

We have been working in this field for 25 years. We are an authorized dealer for safety-relevant sectors. Our skilled staff has got the required reliability certificates. Since 2008, we have been involved in planning and constructing of the new nationwide digital TETRA-radio network of public safety in a lot of federal states in Germany.

Our services:

  • Planning and constructing analog radio systems and networks
  • Planning, erecting and commissioning of integrated rescue control centers
  • Planning and erecting of digital radio networks
  • Maintenance and 24-hour service of radio network infrastructure, system and antenna equipment
  • Indoor coverage systems
  • Migration from analog to digital technology

So that the radio waves sent have a range as wide as possible, antenna systems have to be erected on elevated sites. The “antenna farm” existing in some places on the roofs of tenement and commercial houses, hotels, church towers and city halls is often deemed to be unsightly and distracting. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, legal issues of monument preservation often play an important role, too.

Therefor we have developed the special Tecryl® material for concealment. It is optimized for the frequency range of antennas to be concealed and is penetrated by radio waves of that frequency almost without any losses. Furthermore, it is almost completely adjustable in shape, color, and structure as you like and ensures the complete incorporation of a modern radio equipment in the cityscape and landscape.

Tecryl® is a registered brand name of MUGLER AG. ist ein eingetragener Markenname. Our material-specific level is based on intensive in-house research work, simulations, measurements and a large variety of projects implemented.


Facade Panels

Imitations of facade structures with Tecryl® calls for specific design in compliance with your particular requests. For this our range of services includes: planning, radio-engineering optimization, preparation of static calculations, coordination with authorities, individual colour painting and assembly.



Radio services located in the environment of historic city architecture are often approved only with the obligation to be observant of architectural preservation rules. Concealment shrouds with the appearance of a chimney are suited in many cases to visually integrate antenna equipment used into its surroundings. We provide you with many possible design and implementation variants for the optimized integration radio services up to 3500 MHz. Radio services in other frequency ranges are also possible.


Round Coverings

Concealment shrouds of round cross-sections are a cost-effective variant for the screening of antenna equipment.

In standard configurations, round shrouds have been optimized to integrate both radio services of up to 3500 MHz and microwave services from 18 - 38 GHz. Radio services of other frequency ranges can also be integrated.


Roofing Parts

Using Tecryl® various roofing styles can be made as perfect copies of the original. In order to achieve this, a true to the minor detail pattern is moulded from an original part taken on-site. Colour painting of rooftop elements is individually adjusted to local conditions, meeting the highest quality standards. Replacement of battens, boards or other wooden roof structures is frequently required.


Design Elements

Owners, architects and conservators of historic monuments often have their own suggestionsregarding integration of radio services into building architecture and landscape.

You may also emphasize architectural features by means of functional elements inside where the antenna system is installed. Design, size and colour will be adjusted to the individual building structures.


Window Elements

Window openings can also be used to integrate radio services into listed buildings with monument protection. To avoid any interference with the supporting building structure, it is only required to remove the window casements and to replace them with Tecryl® windows. Detailed measuring is mandatory to manufacture the Tecryl® window elements.

We are planning and erecting up-to-date mobile radio sites and complete communication networks. On request with turnkey services. And this exactly means "From the idea to the complete network" for us!


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