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Digital Public Safety Network

Secure Communication

Governments, authorities and public safety organizations are responsible for the defense and elimination of risks and dangers and the maintenance of internal security and safety. They have got an own radio network.

Federal and state police, rescue services, fire departments, disaster management and mountain rescue services make high demands on availability, quality of service, real-time capabilities and tapping security of their communication networks. Consistent, safe, and trouble-free operation thereof is a vital prerequisite for that they can do their job even under severe conditions of their missions. The same is true for rescue control centers and radio equipment. The migration from analog to digital technology, the merger into ever bigger structures and increasingly complex tasks are additional challenges for governments, authorities and public safety organizations.


We have been working in this field for 25 years. We are an authorized dealer for safety-relevant sectors. Our skilled staff has got the required reliability certificates. Since 2008, we have been involved in planning and constructing of the new nationwide digital TETRA-radio network of public safety in a lot of federal states in Germany.

Our services for you

  • Planning and constructing analog radio systems and networks
  • Planning, erecting and commissioning of integrated rescue control centers
  • Planning and erecting of digital radio networks
  • Maintenance and 24-hour service of radio network infrastructure, system and antenna equipment
  • Indoor coverage systems
  • Migration from analog to digital technology

We are your competent full service provider!

Benefit from the longtime Full-Service-Know-How.

We support you along the entire value chain of your communication network - from planning, design and erection to maintenance / service.

Questions to planning and erection?

Jörg Schmidt
Director Mobile Networks


Questions to service and maintenance?

Karsten Meyer
Director Services