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Indoor Coverage

Indoor Coverage

You drive into a car tunnel and your cellphone talk ends abruptly after a few meters? As visitor to a fair, you must exit the fairground hall in order to phone your company or recall your mail messages? And on the subway, you cannot be contacted by cellphone at all?

So that all this will not happen, we provide “everywhere reception”. In airports and railway stations. In exhibition centers, building piles, shopping malls and underground carparks. In subways and tunnels.


We are an expert for radio coverage of buildings and building structures. Our specialists have planned, installed, and commissioned complete indoor supply networks for car tunnels and building piles in a variety of projects. Our technicians incorporate indoor supply systems in existent networks and link them up with control centers.

Our Services for you

  • Radio coverage planning
  • Authority approvals
  • Network planning
  • Detailed project planning with design and structural engineering, electrical engineering, fire and lightning protection
  • Installation and erection of antenna equipment, repeaters and distribution systems
  • Laying of fiber-optic cables and leaky cables
  • Concealment of antennas with Tecryl ®

We are your competent full service provider!

Benefit from the longtime Full-Service-Know-How.

We support you along the entire value chain of your communication network - from planning, design and erection to maintenance / service.

Questions to planning and erection?

Jörg Schmidt
Director Mobile Networks


Questions to service and maintenance?

Andreas Riedel
Vice Director Services