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Connection all along the line

Microwave is a comparatively quick-to-implement solution for data transmission over long distances. Especially from an economic point of view the microwave offers major advantages compared to expensive cable connections. With lower operating costs, faster provision as well as the high degree of flexibility the microwave is a good alternative to the cable connection.

The radio waves spread out straight between 2 fixed locations. In addition to a Point-to-Point-Connection it is possible to realize also Point-to-Multipoint-Connections. Within this direct line of sight the desired region will be provided with a high rate of availability. Missing line of sights can be bridged by dint of relay stations.

We take the entire range of service: from LOS-test (line of sight), microwave planning, support with the application for frequencies as well as the system configuration over the delivery and assembly to the commissioning.


We are your competent full service provider!

Benefit from the longtime Full-Service-Know-How.

We support you along the entire value chain of your communication network - from planning, design and erection to the maintenance / service.

Questions to planning and erection?

Jörg Schmidt
Director Mobile Networks


Questions to service and maintenance?

Karsten Meyer
Director Services