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Expert Opinion / Audits

Trust is a good thing, but control is a better one

Detailed surveys of special problems / faults / situations; determination of reasons for identified problems (single sites)

Intensive survey with technical and organisational main focus; statistically significant analysis (site samples)

Basis for longterm maintenance of value, security and network efficiency (all sites)


Execution and statistical Report of Audits

What is the construction-technical status of your network? Does your quality principle meet the planning, network architecture, maintenance and quality management? This is not only a question during the ongoing operation, but also when you source out the network operation (inclusive maintenance) to a third party or when you assess suppliers and service provider or when you would like to evaluate the repair requirements at your sites. You would'nt like to buy a pig in a poke, when you purchase a network to integrate it to your own structures and quality standards. But it is not meaningful or doable to put every single site to the acid test. Is it generally possible to determine the quality level of a communication network?


We can do it. We have extensive experience in planning, execution and evaluation of quality audits from numerous projects for different mobile radio and fixed network provider nationally and internationally. Together with the customers we define firstly the issue and goal of the quality audit and create uniform inspection specifications and inspection certificates. In the frame of the audit we check random sites, who were selected afore to statistical methods from all network sites. On basis of these random-sampling results we are able to make a reliable statement to the quality level of the whole network. As a result of the audit you will get an overview to the quality level in your network, to the discrepancies of your quality requirements and to the effectivity of quality-related agreements. In the frame of the evaluation we will show you adjustment requirement and improvement opportunity. The aim is to optimize processes and to increase effectivity and quality.

Acceptances on-site and video inspection

We take over the acceptance of new constructions and reconstructions of your sites as well as after extensions or swap of antenna and system technology. The inspection to full and faultless service provision is effected to legal regulations as well as customer requirements.

Selection of crafts, who benefits from acceptances:

  • building industry (Infrastructure)
  • power supply systems / electrical installation
  • air conditioner / air installation
  • antanna technology
  • lightning protection system / earthing system
  • systems technology

Final acceptance and auditing of mobile communication sites often bring challenges in logistics and staffing. As many sites as possible need to be inspected within short time. To make this process be more effective by still keeping a high quality level, MoVIS (Mobile Video Inspection System) has been developed.
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A communication site is not static. We extend your technology or make it up-to-date.

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