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Operation / Maintenance

Operation / Maintenance

Your communications network was planned, erected and commissioned. And now? We offer you an extensive scope of service for the (frequently) maintenance of your network - both in the mobile radio sector and the fixed network sector as well as for system solutions.

radio solutions

We have longtime and extensive experience in inspection, maintanance and repair of mobile radio sites.


Fixed Network Solutions

You already have fiber optic cables or copper cables? We would be happy to adopt the complete service incl. maintenance and repair.


System Solutions

Professional industrial transmission systems have to be monitored all the time. We support you in the process.


Maintenance and service for mobile radio sites

If you are not taking your car to maintenance and inspection regularly, it will be on strike sooner or later. This usually happens when you really don't need it right now. Mostly the consequential damages due to deferred maintenances are more expensive than the savings on measures.

Your communication networks have the same desire. If the air conditioning technology strikes due to deferred maintenance, it results at worst in the failure of a whole site. The result ist high extra costs, loss of revenues and annoyed customers.

Only a frequently maintenance and inspection makes sure, that every single station and the whole net works reliably and economically. Therefor we maintain and inspect your sites with all of their components and crafts in defined cycles. We examine the supporting structure, the traffic infrastructure, the safety systems, the electrical systems, the air conditioning technology, the antenna technology and the systems technology carefully.


Together with our customers we prepare special inspection sheets subject to the legal or company-specific requirements. On demand we arrange for the repair of the determined faults!

The (frequently) inspections are stored in a customer-specific database and contains amongst others:

  • specific calculations and evaluations
  • our quality checklist
  • data sheets (layer thicknesses, torques, perpendicular position)
  • lightning protection protocol / antenna grounding protocol
  • realized repair works
  • armature check, battery measurement
  • DGUV provision 3 (electrical systems and means of production)


serviced locations

In case of on-site acceptances of construction works and modifications we track the determined faults in a ticket system (antenna systems, RRUs, steel construction, electrics, lightning protection, safety systems etc.). Moreover we adopt the ministration of the several milestones and attributes in your customer system.

Maintenance and Service for Fixed Networks

Even in the fixed network sector we offer you an extensive service. If you have problems our qualified service staff comes to you and eliminates interferences in your active or passive systems technology.

By dint of our own warehouse and logistic center we are able to have spare parts in stock, to react to faults as quickly as possible. Furthermore we supplies remote control and keep your systems technology always current. Including frequently precautionary maintenances.


Service for Industrial Data Communication

Professional industrial transmission systems have to be monitored permanently by an effective and on demand by a multistage network management system. Moreover they should be administrable via remote access. In case of an alarm or a failure our specialists are able to access the technology and to make a first fault diagnosis.

Based on these perceptions our service staff is sent purposively on site with the correct equipment and the suitable replacement module. So we minimize effort and downtime and the availability of your network is increasing.

  • 24h hotline
  • Competence Center based in Saxony
  • Technical support
  • Suppress service on-site
  • Management and monitoring systems with remote access
  • Repair and replacement services for devices
  • Professional warehouse and logistics systems
  • Product training

Your full service provider

We support you in the entire life cycle of the site - sometimes till the organisation of the removal.

Your contact

Karsten Meyer
Director Services