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WLAN Networks

WLAN Networks

Both privately and commercially the wireless network (WLAN) assumes an important role. The access to the internet in public hotspots such as malls, airports or hotels is indispensable for private user as well as business men. WLAN enables a mobile and flexible utilization for the staff in the entire company premises in an industrial environment. This is advantageous if a cabling is irreproducible from a structural and financial point of view. Plenty other applications are attended by WLAN. Contrary to safety concerns WLAN networks offer a comprehensive security.

We set a WLAN infrastructure according to your requirements and conditions up. These include amongst other:

  • Supply and signal feed planning
  • Authority management
  • Delivery and Installation of network components
  • Coverage measurements and improvements, HF interference messages
  • Access solutions for VPN routing & legal certainty (interference liability)
  • Settlement systems


Our scope of services serves for:

  • Object supply
  • Site networking
  • Hotspot solutions
  • Campus supply
  • Event supply

Our WLAN networks enable:

  • Internet for guests in hotels, camping sites
  • Internet access in hostels
  • Hotspots in public buildings like town halls, museums, libraries and schools
  • Device connection and internet for patients in hospitals
  • Hotspots in shops and restaurants
  • Site networking for industrial enterprises

Industrial networking

You are looking for data transmission in an industrial environment? Take a look at our special products and solutions.

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