MOVIS - Mobile Video Inspection System
Remote sessions via video transmission
for remote inspections, quality audits, expert activities as well as technical advice and training.

What is MOVIS?

Expert knowledge everywhere, without the effort of travelling

MOVIS stands for Mobile Video Inspection System and is a video transmission and documentation system developed by MUGLER SE. The software was originally created for inspection activities of telecommunications site infrastructure to reduce travelling time and thus minimize costs.

MOVIS connects central experts with local specialists at any location via remote sessions and offers an ideal solution for technical support, e.g. for remote acceptance tests, quality audits, fault analyses, status recording, training, etc. This wide range of functions makes the use of MOVIS interesting for many industries.

Central expert
Live connected to headquarters

The advantages of MOVIS

Cost savings, increased efficiency, easy handling

Advantages of MOVIS

Comparison with messenger services

Secure documentation & logging

Feature MOVIS Messenger
Video transmission
Recording of the session
User management with groups
Onprem possible
Changing the video quality
Automatic documentation
Hosting in Germany
Chat function
Live transmission of the chat
Use of smart glasses

MOVIS was developed with the experience of over 40,000 video inspections

Optimised process integration, interfaces & security


Uncomplicated interfaces, customized session types, individual checklists and session logs – MOVIS has been designed for perfect integration into your business processes.


The ergonomic app and web interface is available in many languages and supports users in their work before, during and after the session.


Different session types, customisable workflows, different participant roles, granular access control – MOVIS adapts to your needs.


All sessions are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in a German data center – you have full control over the storage and whereabouts of all stored data.


A comprehensive archive with session history enables you to quickly find the evidence you need in the form of videos, photos, protocols or checklists.

Service and license model

From our MUGLER experts conducting the sessions, to a software-as-a-service model, to a software licence on your own hardware, everything is possible – let’s talk about it!

User testimonials

Practical experiences

“We have been using MOVIS for quality inspections for many years because it is intuitive to use and we don’t have to come on site. Our auditors can carry out an inspection on Lake Chiemsee and ten minutes later on Langeoog, which would be unthinkable by car. It saves us a lot of time and money and the inspections can theoretically be carried out from anywhere.

For the fitters on site, I see the biggest advantages in the fact that they can see immediately whether the building is free of defects or not, can rectify minor defects immediately and therefore save themselves a second journey.

So it’s cost-saving, time-saving and also climate-friendly for both sides.”

Dave Schulz, Project Manager Services – MUGLER SE

“Wehave no waiting times when registering on site, as there is a kind of “pre-registration” when the ticket is created. Our fitters also have no waiting times when registering on the IBN / acceptance day, as they can check in the tool which employee is currently available.

According to our fitters, communication is problem-free and the points required for MOVIS approval are therefore processed quickly.

I also see it as a very important point that any defects can be rectified on site, so that an additional journey is no longer necessary.”

R. Richter, Site Manager Telecommunications

“I am excited with MOVIS. The web interface is a great way to reach the relevant colleague. Waiting times are also kept within limits. 90% of the time you are connected to a colleague after 5 to 10 minutes.

The big advantage for us in the field is that if a defect is noticed, it can be resolved immediately. By sending a photo to the colleague responsible, this defect is quickly repaired.

This saves us a lot of time and money with MOVIS.”

R. Wutskowsky, Team Leader Telecommunications

MOVIS Multi-Device

End devices

MOVIS is available on a wide range of devices:

  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • Web interface
  • Drones


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